The Several Types of Digital Cameras

Digital cameras and video cameras, including the memory cards, are among the latest and high upgraded electronic products in the world today. The recent conquests of space discoveries contribute a huge leap of electronic development nowadays. Electronic companies and manufacturers always came up with the latest innovation of electronic gadgets like digital cameras, video cameras as well as memory cards. Memory cards are very amazing that as small as it is, it has a capacity to store thousands of pictures and many videos. Memory cards are the total packages of storage system. That is one of the main reason that film and film cameras are no longer exist today. With other electronic materials, thousands of pictures in the memory card can be stored in the personal computer.
There are selected types of digital cameras that are selling well in the public currently. These are the subcompact and ultracompact digital cameras, the rangefinder and interchangeable lens digital cameras, bridge cameras and the infamous digital single lens reflex cameras. The other less known digital cameras are the integrated and line-scan. These are less know in the market but still many are aware of their advance features. All of these digital cameras are created in a large scale of capabilities, prices as well as in sizes.
The ultracompact or subcompact are the most popular among the digital cameras. This is an amazing digital camera. The latest creation of Sony TX10 cyber shot digital camera for example, shows how extremely beautiful and advanced this type of camera is. They called it everything-proof because it is shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and dustproof. It is also amazingly capable of taking up to ten series shots in a single second. This particular type of camera is the best seller in the market today for so many reasons. It is purposely designed for portability and efficiency. It is completely simple and compact. It is an ideal digital camera for snapshots and casual events. Thus, the camera is popularly known as point and shoot digital camera because we can easily find the image target and took the shots. Probably, this is the skinniest and smallest type of digital camera that ever created and sold in the market. It has only around twenty millimeter in thickness as small as ATM and credit cards that you can just put it inside your jeans’ pocket. Its design is unique and different among the others. It is ruggedized and has an extreme water resistant.
But because of its simplicity and compactness, many important features are sacrificed just to achieve its thinness and compactness. Because it is too small, it can no longer accommodate some advance features that supposedly to be attached to it. Therefore, compact digital camera has some limitations.

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