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There are several electronic devices nowadays that are capable of capturing important events in our community. Let us move further by taking you to a rock concert of one of my favourite bands. When people take pictures from a popular band you can see number of light flashing from digital cameras. Video cameras were also used to capture the exact motion and action of the band on stage. So how these devices came to exist? How did they evolve into a much advanced device? What are its current features? Well, to answer your question let me take you back in time and we’ll tackle about the different kinds of camera and video camera.

The first camera developed by Johann Zahn in the late 1685. It is called Obscura which means “”dark””. It was a box with a tiny hole where the light that passes, is used in tracing the projected image on the surface of a perspective paper. That was the first camera ever invented. In the 19th century a single use or disposable camera was invented. This contains a rolling film to store the images and a focus lens to adjust sharpness and quality of the image. Disposable Cameras can also be used underwater. Somehow people find the camera still useful so they develop a reusable camera which the film can be replaced. Digital camera is used by multiple photographers for a better quality and resolution. The digital camera contains a micro flash disk which is used to store images for up to huge quantities which can be developed through an ink or laser jet printer.

Video cameras were commonly used for motion picture acquisition or in a news room for broadcasting to spread information about the world’s current events. Occasionally, this was used for wedding ceremonies, baptismal, and birthday celebration. And this time there are several types of them which are in particular of its storage device. The first created is the Mini DV where it used a mini cassette to store all its captured activities. It is followed by a DVD-R video camera which is placed with a black DVD-R to record and played in a DVD player to watch all its footage. Built in hard drives on a video camera is convenient for all has enough space which can be used for longer hours and the whole footage can be transferred through a cable to a computer in an instant. Next are video cameras using SD card. SD card is a tiny device which contains a bigger capacity and can be used into both video camera and a digital camera.

Participation of digital camera and video camera is significant to our daily activities specially in terms of security. Crime rate declined in the past years due to this advanced technology. Activities of villains in our community could easily be captured with the use of digital camera and video camera

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