Everyone Should Own Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Memory Cards

Everyone should own digital cameras, video cameras, memory cards. They are quite good for taking pictures and videos and storing them. Normally, good pictures and video films enables us remember some past events and make them appear as if they are happening now. Pictures and video films bring us memories, which are at times sweet or sad. They can connect us to the past in a special way that we cannot express in words. Pictures and video films normally communicate to our mind and eyes, motivate our souls and connect us to the past by breaking the barrier that keep us glued to the present.
Time factor holds every human being to the present. Since humanity cannot go back to the past physically, they need clever devices that will bring them memories of cherished or sad past events into the future. This is why digital cameras, video cameras and memory cards are so popular. They enable everyone to carry a small fraction of his or her past into the future. Whether it is a picture or a video film you carry with you; you feel brilliant for having beaten Mother Nature in the game and carried part of the past with you wherever you go.
However, carrying of pictures and video films from our past to the future has its own consequences. This is because not every photograph and film we carry brings us good memories. Some things like genocides, wars and calamities only bring us bitter memories. They remind us of things we would rather forget. They constantly remind us that there is an awful side of life we can never change. They jog our memories and tell us the wheels of time continue to spin endlessly and we are only part of an endless chain that is life.
Nonetheless, carrying good pictures and video films in memory cards can transform our lives and make us aspire to be better individuals. They can make us want to achieve more in life. They remind us of where we are and where we are going. For example, when you look at pictures of your childhood something reawakens in you. The picture or film brings you memories. They remind you of your childhood and makes you want to connect with that innocence again.
If your childhood was sad, you compare those days and the present and see whether things have changed. If your childhood was a happy one and now in adulthood you are a forlorn fellow you wonder what went wrong. However, without digital cameras, video cameras, memory cards part of our past would be gone forever. We would not know what it would feel like to look at our childhood pictures and feel like a child again. Some of us would easily forget where we are coming from or going.
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