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Nowadays, every child owns a mobile phone because their parents have become very busy with their work schedules, and they haven’t got any other way to communicate with them. To fill the gap of their absence, they buy their children technological products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, and of course, memory cards for all of them!
Kids go crazy around the latest technological products on the market. It’s like an addiction for them. Taking them into an electronic shop might become a hassle, but that is because they are always searching for new ways of discovering the world. It’s not like in the past, when children go to the same place every summer, always being enchanted by the same landscape every time. The children of the past didn’t have mobile phones, yet they met up everyday to play. They also didn’t have digital or video cameras, but they also recorded the precious moments in their hearts.
Now, they have the possibility to record their summer trip or boot camp with video cameras, every step, from the door they left at home. Even if it’s not like your childhood, and some are against it, it still is a nice experience because when your children gets home, they will play the movie of their adventure and tell you tons of stories about every place! It is a good thing to lend them a digital camera or a video camera because when they share their story, you will feel as if you have gone with them. They also learn how to be responsible with it, as you’ll explain them that it is a thing that costs money, and money doesn’t grow on trees.
Also, getting your child digital cameras might help them find their passion in photography. You can never know the unknown talent that your child might have! In his curiosity of discovering the world, he will have the tendency to immortalize every moment of his day to day routine. In his photos, you might encounter usual things, that you pass by everyday, immortalized by your child in a unique style! Plus, it is a good method to know where he is usually going. The photos will show you every place he’s been to, so you won’t have to question him when he has just arrived about he’s been to and what was he doing. It’ll be a drag, and your child will probably ignore you. So, instead of doing this, ask him to show you the pictures he has been taking during the day. He will be glad that you are interested in his hobby, and you will manage your kid in a subtle way!

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