Looking to Buy a New Digital Camera

My son is turning 12 next month and I am looking at some digital camera reviews to help me pick a good model for him. I do not want to invest in very expensive gadgets for him. One, because he is just starting to know his way around the camera. And two, I do not want him to attract any attention in school. I want to buy something that is durable and not so expensive. The idea came to mind after seeing his shots of his baby brother last Christmas. They were really great. So we figure, if we get him one, he would be able to practice more.

I am looking at several digital camera reviews before deciding on what model to buy. I plan on giving my Canon Powershot camera with 5 megapixel resolution to my daughter who is now in her second year in high school. She is the one using it all the time anyway. She’s been using it for all her class projects and field trips. Buying a new camera would mean that I relinquish the whole responsibility of caring for the camera to her. I think she is old enough to do that. Her dad would have wanted to just buy her a new cellphone with a high resolution camera but I protested against it. I don’t want her walking around school with very expensive stuff. I do not want her to attract attention to herself. Plus, kids have a habit of just putting their things anywhere. I don’t want her losing her stuff.

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