Digital Cameras – Why They Are Better Than Film Cameras

As all of us know, we currently live in the digital photography age where photos and videos can be easily stored into disks, cards, laptops and ultimately computers without worry about physical space. Digital cameras and video cameras with their memory cards are the instruments that have taken advantage of this time period’s finest points. However, there are still people who point out that using film cameras are still better than using digital ones since it allows us to appreciate the art of photography itself. Thus, let us look at some main reasons why digital cameras are better than film/analog cameras.

Digital cameras are actually capable of producing pictures that have the same quality as if they were taken with film cameras and most of the time producing better pictures. This owes itself mainly to many available features you can find in a camera that allows you to fine-tune your shots before taking them thus drastically improving the quality of pictures that get produced.

When it comes to storage capacity, digital cameras commonly require having either an SD or micro-SD card inserted into them in order to store pictures. The amount of pictures that can be stored depends on the memory capacity of the card ranging from as low as 128MB up to 16GB or 32GB at the most. If these memory cards get full, the files contained in them can simply be transferred to a laptop or computer, emptying the SD card in the process, thus making it ready to take even more pictures.

Another advantages of using digital cameras over analog ones as far as storage goes is that you can easily preview all of the shots you made right after taking them. Viewing pictures can easily be done through a built-in screen on the camera which gives you a good idea how the shot turned out and if it didn’t go well, you can simply make the right adjustments you need to make. Also, storing pictures is also not a problem with digital cameras since you won’t need to worry about accidentally exposing them to sunlight which can easily erase all of the shots on filmstrip.

This tool is known for its fast processing. The last major advantage of using digital cameras over film cameras is that when the time comes to process the shots taken, the process is a lot faster than doing it manually. A lot of computer programs are actually available now that allows anyone to do post processing work on any pictures they took. If you used analog cameras, the process would have taken a bit longer since you would have to go into a dark room first to process all of the film containing the pictures which would have wasted a lot of time.


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